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Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance

The NHS has been the bedrock of our medical system for over 60 years. It remains a great British institution offering first class healthcare, free at point of need – but in recent times it has come under increasing pressure to perform. More and more people are finding that they cannot be sure when or where they will be treated.

Private medical insurance gives you the peace of mind that you will have access to private hospitals next time you need important medical treatment.

As whole of market advisers we will look for the most suitable plan for you or your business. Our recommendation is based on the best ‘fit’ for both cover required and cost.

If you already have a scheme in place, we are happy to prepare a report on renewal for you to compare with your existing provider.

The benefits of private hospitals:

  • Modern hospitals with the latest facilities and equipment
  • High quality medical care from leading consultants, surgeons and specialists
  • Fast access to important treatment, tests and diagnostic scans
  • No NHS waiting lists to contend with
  • Customer centric hospitals & friendly staff designed to create the best patient experience
  • Puts you in control over when and where you receive treatment

Why choose a Private Medical Insurance Plan?

  • A wide range of treatments, consultations and tests covered with NO limits on day & in-patient benefits – peace of mind that treatment costs will be covered in full.
  • Important cancer cover – specialist drugs such as Herceptin (breast cancer) and Avastin (bowel, kidney and colon cancer) which prolong and save lives are covered. Some NHS trusts do not provide these drugs.Some plans have a no built-in ‘No Claims Discount’ – your premiums will never increase just because of your personal claims history.
  • Flexible medical benefits allowing you to tailor cover to your needs. Choose from the following benefits and discounts:
    • Complementary Medicine Benefit
    • Health Cash Benefit
    • Psychiatric Benefit
    • Inner London Hospital List
    • Unique reducing excess options

Flexible Benefits

Flexible Medical Benefits Designed For Today’s World

You can rest assured that all in-patient and day-patient costs which are customary and reasonable will be paid in full by your Private Medical Insurance plan.

This includes costs for hospital accommodation, nursing care, specialist attention, tests, therapies and operating theatre fees.

  • In-patient benefits – where you are admitted into a hospital for one or more nights, e.g. major operations, serious illness
  • Day-patient benefits – where you are allocated a bed for a period of time but no overnight stay, e.g. smaller procedures such as a keyhole surgery/cataracts/hernia, etc.
  • Out-patient benefits – appointment only for a specialist consultation and/or diagnostic tests, e.g. initial & on-going consultations with a specialist, diagnostic test/scan/x-rays, etc.

Additional benefits that you can add to your plan

Many Private Medical Insurance plans offer you the flexibility to tailor your cover by adding any of the options below to your plan:

  • Complimentary medicines – Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Homeopathy and Chiropractic care
  • Health cash benefits –Includes Dental, Optical, Home help and Maternity cash plus other benefits. Also free child cover for eligible children
  • Psychiatric benefit – provides cover for psychiatric care including consultations, medication and overnight stays in a psychiatric unit

Excess Options

There are various excess options which are a great way to reduce premiums, whilst providing generous medical benefits.

There is usually no mandatory excess on your plan, however, you can choose from various excess options to reduce your premiums:

  • Starting at £100 and ranging up to £5000

The excess is payable per person per policy year, or per claim, whichever you prefer. Each person will not have to pay more than once in any policy year, regardless of the number of claims.

Comprehensive Cancer Cover

Every year thousands of people have their lives changed irrevocably by cancer, either through a relative, friend or directly themselves.

We understand the importance of providing effective cancer benefits. This is why whichever level of cover you choose, you will have the peace of mind that many of your cancer benefits will be paid in full with no time limits on treatment during the policy period, with any of the providers we recommend.

That means all your costs that are reasonable and customary will be covered in full and paid for as long as you need it. It’s comforting to know that the plan will be there when you need it most for life-changing cancer-related scans, consultations, drugs and treatment.


Your Underwriting Options

There is a medical policy for almost everyone, regardless of your pre-existing conditions. There are three underwriting options which allow you to receive a policy:

Moratorium Underwriting

This means any medical issues you have experienced or had symptoms of, at any time in the 5 years prior to the start of cover, may not be covered by the plan until you remain completely clear of symptoms for 2 consecutive years from the start date (with no symptoms, tests or medication for the condition or anything relating to the original medical issue).

Full Medical Underwriting

You will need to complete a medical questionnaire regarding your medical history. The chosen provider’s underwriters will then review it and confirm if there are any medical conditions that will not be covered by the plan. Unless stated, all other medical conditions would be covered.

CPME (Continued Personal Medical Exclusions) or Switching

If you wish to transfer your existing plan over to a different provider you can choose this option. We ensure that the new provider will continue to cover the medical conditions that were covered under your previous policy. However, any medical exclusion’s may also continue to apply.

As part of the contract, you must declare if you have ever suffered from, or are currently being investigated for any type of heart (including hypertension), psychiatric or cancer condition. In addition, you must also declare whether you are currently undergoing or expected to undergo in-patient, day-patient or out-patient treatment for any medical condition.