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Clients come to me with a particular goal in mind but by the end of the process, they realise they have achieved so much more than they initially anticipated. This is because they develop new and positive health habits which they can use to support them for their future.

So here are my top 8 health hacks which we can all adopt:

1 – Limit refined carbs

Limit your intake of refined carbohydrates e.g. white bread and pasta and opt for whole grains instead. This will avoid your blood sugar levels from spiking and also keep you full for longer.

2 – Keep a food diary

You might be thinking you eat well but maybe you are not seeing or feeling any results. By keeping a food diary you may surprise yourself as it can often flag up habits you’re unaware of.

For example, the little snacks you may graze on during the day or going too long without food and then overeating.

3 – Keep hydrated

It’s easy to confuse hunger with thirst. Try sipping water throughout the day to help maintain hydration levels rather than consuming too much at once.

Avoid drinking too much with meals as it sends confusing signals to the digestion system.

4 – Use smaller plates and bowls

Studies have proven you are more likely to eat more when using a bigger plate. By reducing the size of the plate, you can still fill the plate and visually you feel you are eating a good sized portion.

5 – Be a mindful eater

Ideally when you eat you should be sitting down and thinking about how the food looks, smells and tastes. Engage the senses and taste every mouthful.

6 – Be prepared

If you’re out for the day, what food could you take with you to have in your bag, at work or in the car? If you have prepared your food you are less likely to grab an unhealthy quick fix when hunger strikes.

7 – Add flavour

Make food taste interesting and play around with different flavours. Cumin, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and turmeric are all anti-inflammatory spices so great to add to your cooking. Add variety so food doesn’t become boring.

8 – Sleep more

Try to keep bedtimes the same time and avoid distractions from screens. Sleeping gives you more energy and you’re able to cope with everyday stresses more, they all go hand in hand.



This article was written by Victoria Self from Clean Nutrition Ltd which provides bespoke nutrition advice either face to face or online for those outside of Somerset.